EJARI – 'My Rent'

Translates as 'my rent' EJARI is an on-line rent contract registration system implemented by Dubai's Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). The idea behind it is two-fold. For one the authorities wanted to get a clearer idea on rent values, which have fluctuated widely over the years for the same property, to be able to have a more precise rental index and adjust regulations popping up when needed regarding on how much the rent can be raised every year. The Ejari system also serves as a database, including details of the lease history of a property, including price, renewals and terminations of rent agreements.

Secondly, I should eliminate rogue property, i.e. non-licensed and unregistered brokers, from renting out property. Buy law all landlords and property agencies should have gone through an Ejari 'course' to become certified in using the system. No certification no right to lease property. Be aware that because of the cost of getting certified there definitely still are private landlords and even agencies, which operate without the Ejari certification.

Why should you as a landlord or tenant be concerned about it?

In one word: Protection. Although Ejari as a concept has been around since 2010, time was given for everyone to get certified and use it. However, since March 2012 it has become obligatory according to an announcement made by RERA. With other words, whoever landlord or tenant, do not bother registering their rent contract risk that authorities, such as the rent committee will not consider any dispute/claim made in regard of contracts which are not registered. Tenants, whose, landlords or agent, refuse to register their contracts on Ejari should go to RERA and file a complaint.

EJARI Contracts:

Although many property agencies draft their own rent contracts and/or use the Dubai Municipality (blue) one, RERA has provided a standardized Ejari rent agreement. Either of them can be registered on Ejari.