Mortgages for purchase

With so many banks in the market offering many different mortgage options it is essential to get the right advice from an independent source to ensure you get the best possible mortgage facility. If you go to banks directly then their representatives have only one product to offer and effectively are there to sell to you. We are independent and impartial, we are not sales people we are advisers who operate to strictly best practice codes of conduct. This means that we only recommend a product that we can demonstrate that best suits your requirements from the entire market, not just a select few. All the lenders in the market have different rates, fees and penalties, its vitally important to get the decision right as generally a mortgage is the biggest financial commitment someone can make. Getting into a contract with a lender that is not perfect for your needs will cost you thousands and possibly millions over the course of the loan. We are here to ensure that you get the best!

Re-mortgage to Reduce Interest Rate

We understand that many clients have existing mortgages and are perhaps paying a higher rate of interest now than initially agreed or compared to current rates. In this situation we can research the entire market in one place to source the best alternatives then liaise with both banks to ensure a smooth transfer from one to the other.

Mortgages for Re-Leasing Equity

Releasing equity from your property can be a very good way of helping fund home improvements, further property purchase and repay more expensive lending. An equity release mortgage product allows you to draw down capital tied up in your property whilst still allowing you to live there.

Mortgages for Buy to Let Property

Our specialist team have access to all of the best Buy to Let mortgages locally and internationally with the lowest rates and highest loan to value levels ensuring that our clients can maximize their return on their investment.

Mortgages for Commercial Property

We can source commercial finance for offices, retail units, commercial premises in the UAE and internationally securing the most competitive rate available.

Borrowers FAQ's

This is dependent on your income, existing expenditure and differs from bank to bank. We have all of the product and policy information for every available option under one roof so that our consultants can give you an accurate assessment very quickly.

In the UAE it is currently 80% for UAE nationals and 75% for expatriates; Non residents lending varies between 50 to 75%.

Between 2.99% at the lowest end of the scale and 4.99% at the highest.

Banks will generally charge up to 1% of the loan amount as an arrangement fee and AED 3,000.00 for a valuation fee. As well as these costs there are also varying lands department fees and real estate agency fees to pay for purchases. Overall the total costs for a transaction in the UAE excluding your deposit are as follows:

  • Bank arrangement fee – 1% of the loan amount
  • Valuation fee – AED 3,000.00
  • Dubai Land Department property transfer fee – 4% of the property sale price (this can be split between buyer and seller however in most cases thisis factored in the selling price and is borne by the buyer)
  • Dubai Land Department mortgage registration fee – 0.25% of the mortgage amount
  • Dubai Land Department document fees – AED 540.00
  • Dubai Land Department Appointment Booking Fee – AED 4,000

Financing is available for certain developments in the UAE for non-resident applicants, however the overall loan to values are reduced and the rates higher to substantiate the lenders perceived additional risk.

This can vary depending on the complexity of the application though a straight forward salaried application should take no longer than 1weeks. A very detailed self employed application can take substantially longer and applicants would be given and estimate on a case by case basis.